Hotline Telecommunications Engineers a technical firm which was established to meet the increasing demands of social scientific developments for the communications network, with pioneering insight and enthusiasm for all new scientific challenges. Highly Qualified engineers and technical staff of our company offers expertise in engineering, installation and maintenance of transmission networks, central office equipment and cable systems. Our goal is to provide the most effective and efficient system of installation and maintenance of a communications network, either during the pre construction stages or after problems arise in existing systems.

Expertise in communications field.

expert in communications for humanity
  • Labor
  • Material
  • Maintenance
  • Management
  • Sales
  1. Physical layer(facility service, maintenance)
    • Basic construction
    • Substucture
    • Cable ladder design and installation
    • Cable tray
    • Fire suppression
    • Computer floor
    • Grounding installation, detection, and service
    • Cable entry point
    • Fire suppression system
  2. Logistic service.
    • Equipment trnasportation.
    • Battery transportation(Hazardrous material)
    • High priced equipment delivery service
  3. Power system for the transmission network
    • Commercial AC system
    • Entry point and meter system
    • AC breaker and distribution system
    • Conduit system, gutter system
    • Lighting system for the facility
    • UPS system
      • installation os system
      • battery
      • AC side cabling
      • DC side cabling
      • Battery maintenance
      • distribution panel services
      • monitoring service
      • maintenance service
    • DC power system
      • -24VDC, -48VDC
      • distribution panel
      • breakers
      • bus bar
      • battery installation
      • rectifier installation
      • distribution panel installation
      • monitoring
  4. Transmission cabling and connectorization
    • DS0 to DS3 cabling
    • 24 pair cable connectorization
    • Single pair DS0 AWG 24 cable
    • Twisted pair for the T1 cable and bundle cable
    • DS3 cable(Coax cable)
    • Bundle coax cable
    • Fiber optics cable
    • Lan cable(RJ11, RJ45)
    • AMP connector
    • Ribbon cable
    • BNC coax connector
    • Fiber optic connector
  5. Communications network testing
    • Physical connection test
    • Electricity test
    • Signal link testing
    • Equipment configuration
    • Optics testing
    • Labor service
  6. Network link design, maintenance
    • Equipment to equipment connection
    • Multiplexer design
    • Optical signal to electronic signal conversion design
    • Switching maintenance
  7. Communication applications
    • Voice network
    • Private network
    • Virtual private network
    • Internet network
    • WEB service and application
DC bus duct DDF-T1 DC_power_plant DS-3-cabling netsync2 netsync-equip-and-installat pc-power-cabling switchbox VF-MDF-and-Cabling

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